Decision Parameters in Project Financing and Their Implications for Offshore Wind Farm Projects


  • Marita Balks HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences, 75A Wilhelminenhof St., 12459 Berlin, Germany
  • Lukas Mann Alumnus of the Master’s degree course in Economic Engineering at HTW Berlin and business development manager for sustainable infrastructure at Invesis



project financing, debt providers, offshore wind farms, key performance indicators


Offshore wind farms are one of the most important pillars of the successful implementation of the envisaged energy turnaround. However, so far, the States are all far from reaching their targets. Therefore, a great amount of capital is needed. Since a large part of offshore wind farms is financed by debt capital, it was examined which criteria are currently prevailing on the market. The main findings are that cover ratios are the most important key figures in the decision-making process and during the term. In addition, a large number of clauses are contractually fixed to reduce the risk of default.


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Balks, M., & Mann, L. (2023). Decision Parameters in Project Financing and Their Implications for Offshore Wind Farm Projects. Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University, (127), 71–80.