Information for Reviewers

All articles submitted for publication in SJ GMU are subject to editorial review and are reviewed by at least 2 independent reviewers appointed from different than author’s unit of affiliation. Review process takes place in a "double-blind-review process", i.e. the author and reviewers do not know their identity.

Reviewer is obliged to make careful and reliable review meeting the deadlines. Review for the Journal is available inside our online system.

Reviewer evaluates articles bearing in mind the principle of no conflict of interest. If reviewer is familiar with names of authors, he submits a Conflict of Interest Statement.

Reviewer evaluates article in terms of compliance with editorial requirements and taking into account the general criteria:

  • Relevance to the Journal
  • Accuracy of the Title
  • Adequacy of the Abstract
  • Manuscript Organization
  • Manuscript Length

And substantive criteria:

  • Importance of the Topic
  • Currentness of the Topic
  • Originality
  • Technical Soundness
  • Quality of Presentation
  • Relevance and Currentness of the Bibliography

Review shall be finished with one of the following recommendation to Editors:

  • Accepted - The article is recommended for publication. Author will be asked to submit an article in print-ready file. If opinion is positive but reviewer indicates the need for changes and corrections, author is obliged to comment on it and introduce the suggested amendments, if applicable.
  • Accept subject to revision - Article requires changes and author is requested to make changes in accordance with the comments of reviewers. Once the changes have been introduced article shall be re-submitted along with author's reply to reviewer's questions and comments.
  • Rejected - Article has been rejected and will not be published.

Reviews are in writing and end up with a clear request for publishing or rejecting of article for publication, taking into consideration eventual revisions to be introduced by author if noted in review. In such situation, reviewer may reserve the right to re-review article once author has made corrections indicated in the first review. Articles with two positive reviews will be accepted (including a request for publication).