Review and publication process

Review procedure

  1. The submitted articles are initially evaluated by the Editorial Board, which makes preliminary assessment of the article content, appropriately assigns article to the area of subject and assesses it in a formal way.
  2. After a positive initial substantive evaluation and formal assessment, the article is sent for review: 
    • there are at least two independent reviewers from different than author’s organizational institution,
    • in justified cases the article may be directed to a third review,
    • in case of articles in English, at least one of the reviewers is affiliated in a foreign institution other than the author’s affiliation,
    • the article is reviewed in "a double-blind review" process, i.e. the author and reviewers are unfamiliar with each other’s identity, or if the reviewer is familiar with the names of authors, he submits a Conflict of Interest Statement,
    • reviewer evaluates the article  through our OJS system and reccomends to accept the article, to reject it, or to accept subject to revision,
    • the names of reviewers are not disclosed.
  3. The Editorial Board, basing on the review, issues one of the following recommendations:
    • Accepted – article is recommended for publication. Author will be asked to submit an article in print-ready file. If the opinion is positive but reviewer indicates the need for changes and corrections, author is obliged to comment on it and introduce suggested amendments, if applicable.
    • Accept subject to revision - the article requires changes and author is requested to make changes in accordance with the comments of reviewers. Once the changes have been introduced, the article shall be re-submitted along with author's reply to the reviewer's questions and comments.
    • Rejected - article has been rejected and will not be published.
  4. In case of a recommendation “Accept subject to revision”, author should revise the article according to recommendations of reviewer and then re-send the corrected article with author’s comments on reviewers' opinions.
  5. The final decision to accept the article for publishing in a special edition of SJ GMU is made by the Editorial Board.

Submission of article accepted for publication

Author whose article has been accepted for publication in SJ GMU is informed about its acceptance for printing in a specified year. The article will be published in a given issue, provided that author sends to editor the final version of the article meeting editorial requirements, as well as the Declaration of Authorship completed and signed by the author.