Authenticated WiFi-Based Wireless Data Transmission from Multiple Sensors Through a Laboratory Stand Based on Collaboration Between ATMEGA2560 and ESP32 Microcontrollers


  • Mostafa Abotaleb PhD Student at The Doctoral School of Gdynia Maritime University



Data Authentication, WiFi, WebSerial, ESP32, Arduino Mega 2560, Python, Websockets


The use of wireless technology in the field of instrumentation is rapidly expanding due to many reasons such as lower installation and commissioning cost than those incurred by wired technologies and a higher level of security provided by authenticated encrypted data transaction, in addition to a decreased level of system complicity, manifested in eliminating or limiting the need for cabling or its accessories. This article will discuss a proposed technique to perform authenticated wireless WiFi data transmission from multiple sensors to the control station depending on a laboratory stand  for the purpose of analysing the principle of coexistence between wireless technologies dedicated to industrial automation, such as wireless HART, and general purpose technologies, such as WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy BLE.


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Abotaleb, M. (2023). Authenticated WiFi-Based Wireless Data Transmission from Multiple Sensors Through a Laboratory Stand Based on Collaboration Between ATMEGA2560 and ESP32 Microcontrollers. Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University, (127), 27–41.